Coffee maker Cafelizzia 790 Steel

Coffee maker Cafelizzia 790 Steel

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Cecotec express coffee Cafelizzia 790 Steel for espressos and cappuccinos has system fast heating thermoblock, 20 bars, ModoAuto for 1 and 2 cafes vaporizer handheld and duct infuser water.

  • Espresso Machine stainless steel with elegant and compact design for lovers of good coffee. Allows do all kinds of cafes with maximum output of 1350 W and also emits hot water for the infusions.
  • Your system fast heating by Thermoblock ensures that the temperature is maintained within their optimum interval to get the best coffee.
  • Its powerful pressure pump technology ForceAroma 20 bars get the best cream and the maximum scent each coffee.
  • Includes vaporizer handheld with protection for texturing milk to taste and get the best foam for your coffee.
  • Emits hot water temperature ideal for infusions.
  • Arm holder with dual output and two filters to make one or two coffees automatically.
  • Removable water tank with 1,2 litre capacity.
  • Tray cup warmer stainless steel.
  • Fit for espresso cups and cups breakfast.
  • Drip tray detachable to facilitate quick cleaning.
  • Energy saving system with auto power off and stand-by.
  • Indicator lights each function.


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