Coffee Flower DIY Layering Stencils Wall Cappuccino

5PCS Stainless Steel Coffee Flower DIY Layering Stencils Wall Cappuccino Template Coffee Wreath Mould Cake Decoration Tool



 1. A wide range of patterns transfer together with your coronary heart, stainless-steel materials, will be recycled.
2. After frothing the milk, select the sample and unfold the powder evenly on the sample. Make your individual espresso at house.
3. 304 stainless-steel is most well-liked, protected and safe.
4. The sides are polished clear, easy and never scratched.
5. There are 5 patterns, select at will, leisure time, make a cup of espresso your self, benefit from the deliciousness of espresso.

Product description
Identify: Stainless metal espresso drawing die
Materials: 304 stainless-steel
Weight: about 81 grams

Product Checklist
5 * Pull flower mould


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