Coffee Bottomless Portafilter for Breville – 54mm Naked Portafilter

Take your espresso craftsmanship to the next level with the Coffee Bottomless Portafilter designed for Breville. This 54mm Naked Portafilter is tailor-made for Breville 870, 878, and 880 machines, making it the perfect accessory for coffee aficionados.

With its Barista Series compatibility, this portafilter is engineered for precision and performance. The bottomless design lets you witness the extraction process, helping you perfect your grind, distribution, and tamping techniques.

Elevate your home brewing experience with this A-1 quality portafilter, and enjoy espresso that rivals your favorite coffee shop’s. Make every cup a masterpiece with this must-have espresso tool.

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  1. Wide Compatibility: This 54mm Naked/Bottomless Portafilter is specially designed to work seamlessly with a range of Breville espresso machines, including the Barista Express, Barista Pro, Barista Touch, Bambino Plus, Infuser, and Duo-Temp Pro. It’s a versatile addition to your coffee equipment lineup, ensuring compatibility with multiple models.
  2. Premium Food-Grade Stainless Steel: Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, this portafilter prioritizes safety and hygiene. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and highly sanitary, ensuring that your coffee remains pure and untainted by any harmful substances. When it comes to your health and the quality of your coffee, this portafilter is a reliable choice.
  3. Enhanced Espresso Experience: The bottomless design of this portafilter allows you to witness the entire espresso extraction process. This feature is invaluable for enthusiasts and baristas as it enables you to fine-tune your grinding, distribution, and tamping techniques with precision. Achieving consistent and high-quality espresso shots becomes more accessible and enjoyable.

Use the 54mm bottomless moveable filter to actually perceive what is occurring below the hood. You may determine and right extraction issues. Whether or not your grinding error or tamping is wrong, the bottomless moveable filter will let . Useful gizmo for learners and specialists.

Ergonomic Design stable picket deal with for a snug grip and supplies steady dealing with. The sleek and clean texture doesn’t harm your fingers and feels comfy.

Undoubtedly vital for a espresso lover. An excellent substitute half for your espresso machine.



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