CleanHike Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets – Descaler Coffee Maker Cleaner (30 Tablets)

  •  Extends Machine Life: Coffee oils and residues can shorten your machine life. By removing them you can effectively prolong your machine’s life expectancy and keep it in peak operating condition.
  • ✔️FDA Approved: Our Tablets are FDA approved for Coffee Machine usage. Not only there is no risk of them damaging your machine, but they are also proven to be effective at cleaning and eliminating all residues.
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  •  ✔️Easy To Use: The tablets are stored in individual packs and they work with most coffee machines on the market. All it takes to reliably remove coffee grease and residues are a couple of easy to follow steps.
  • ✔️Maintains Ideal Flavor: Residues will change your coffee’s aroma making it taste bitter, with that “coffee-from-yesterday” taste no one enjoys. By using these tablets you’ll get rid of this problem quickly and effortlessly.
  • ✔️100% Natural and Safe: The tablets are made from natural, plant based ingredients to ensure proper cleaning without having to worry about toxic, harmful chemicals.

Stains and odors are the biggest enemies of all containers.

After scrubbing and rinsing for hours with almost no result, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and say “Alright, you can have it” to the mess inside your container while angrily throwing it away.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that anymore. We worked hard to get you a safe, cost efficient and, most importantly, a practical alternative to replacing what you seemingly can’t clean. All you need is one of our cleaning tablets, some water and a few minutes of patience to finally be able to use again something that looks, feels and tastes brand new.

All of our tablets are FDA approved which means that they passed numerous trials to test their safety and efficacy. We are proud to say that they were proven to be up to the standards and that’s why we’re putting them on the market for everyone that could benefit from them.

Wherever you are, you can safely and easily use our products without scrubbing and wasting hours that you could spend doing the things that you love doing. No matter if it’s a coffee machine, a water bottle or any other kind of reservoir, cleaning can be a daunting task if you try to do everything manually. However, by using our tablets, you can remove all the residue and bacteria fast and reliably so, if you got tired of the plastic taste (or even worse tastes) that tend to build up over time when you’re drinking from your reservoir – we got your fix.

These fast-acting tablets are simple to use and they remove any smell or taste that shouldn’t be there. Better yet – they will remove any bacteria that found its way in your reservoir and will do so quickly and effectively.

CleanHike Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets – Descaler Coffee Maker Cleaner (30 Tablets), FDA Approved, Work on Blender (1)

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