Chinese version Yuropress French Press Espresso Portable Coffee Maker

Chinese version Yuropress French Press Espresso Portable Coffee Maker Household DIY Coffee Pot Air Press Drip Coffee Machine

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1. Great espresso where ever you are
2. Just a scoup of ground beans and a little hot water
3. No batteries, no power cord. Just use the hand to press.
4. No more driving to the expensive coffee shop


Product Name:YRP YuroPress coffee Maker
Packing Size:26*10.5*12cm
Material:  PP,TPE
Use: hand washing, coffee pot, siphon pot matching can be used
Use: 2-3 servings
Caution: use neutral cleanser, pay attention to water temperature and beware of burns.


Filter cover material:PP

Seal rubber plug material:TPE.

Filter cylinder and press bar material:PP(2015 new material polypropylene)baby milk bottle material,stronger and smoother,

Stronger and more durable,The color is less transport.


Function:filter coffee(filter paper),tea(filter paper)

Suittable for crowd:like to study new cooking method;I like the people who are more prominent in coffee.


1.No plug

2.Only need a little hot water(recommended temperature:75℃-85℃)

3.Compact and easy to receive

4.Easy to damage

5.Convenient cleaning

6.The coffee amde is much cleaner than the grinder or press

7.You can make a cup of your own coffee according to your concentration preference,the freedom to mix the ground,the amount of water,the amount of powder and so on.


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