Caffe D’Vita Vanilla Macchiato – Premium Instant Cappuccino Mix

Indulge in the rich, creamy flavor of Caffe D’Vita’s Vanilla Macchiato Instant Cappuccino Mix. This delightful coffee latte blend, made with 100% Arabica Coffee, is designed to bring the café experience to the comfort of your home. Whether you prefer it piping hot, perfectly iced, or creatively blended, Caffe D’Vita has you covered. This 1 lb canister is your passport to a delicious world of instant coffee bliss.

100% Arabica Coffee: Experience the premium taste of 100% Arabica Coffee in every cup of Caffe D’Vita’s Vanilla Macchiato. It’s a testament to quality and craftsmanship that’s perfect for coffee enthusiasts.

🍨 Creamy and Rich: This instant cappuccino mix is your ticket to a creamy and rich coffee experience. Share this delectable flavor with family and friends to create memorable moments.


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🌡️ Versatile Enjoyment: Whether you like it piping hot to start your day or chilled over ice for a refreshing treat, this mix caters to your style. Recipe instructions printed on the container offer convenience and creativity.

🍯 Customizable Taste: Adapt your coffee to your taste. Simply add one scoop of the mix to your cup, and then pour in 8 oz of cold or hot (not boiling) water, milk, almond milk, or soy milk. Stir well, and voilà! Adjust the amount of mix to suit your preference.

HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Caffe D’Vita created your favourite espresso merchandise to haven’t any trans fats and no dairy. Made within the USA and gluten free.

🆓 Gluten-Free: Caffe D’Vita’s Vanilla Macchiato is a gluten-free delight, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions.

🚫 No Cholesterol: Say goodbye to cholesterol concerns as this instant cappuccino mix contains no cholesterol, promoting a heart-healthy coffee experience.

🚫 No Hydrogenated Oils: Enjoy your coffee without the worry of hydrogenated oils. Caffe D’Vita prioritizes your well-being by keeping their mix free from these unhealthy additives.

🚫 No Trans Fats: This instant cappuccino mix is a trans-fat-free choice for conscious consumers who value a healthier coffee option.

✡️ Kosher-Dairy: Caffe D’Vita ensures that their Vanilla Macchiato is kosher-dairy certified, aligning with your dietary preferences and religious beliefs.

In summary, Caffe D’Vita’s Vanilla Macchiato offers a premium instant cappuccino mix made with 100% Arabica Coffee. It’s a creamy and versatile choice that can be enjoyed hot, cold, or blended to perfection.

With the added benefits of being gluten-free, cholesterol-free, free from hydrogenated oils, and trans-fat-free, this coffee mix is designed with your health in mind. Plus, its kosher-dairy certification ensures it aligns with your dietary and religious choices. Elevate your coffee experience with Caffe D’Vita and savor the café-quality flavor right at home.



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