BTaT Classic 13-Piece White Porcelain Tea Set

Introducing the BTaT Classic 13-Piece White Porcelain Tea Set, a must-have addition to your kitchen and a perfect gift for your loved ones. This elegant tea set includes 4 tea cups (7oz), 4 saucers, a generous 38oz tea pot, a creamer pitcher, and a sugar bowl. Its classic royal design will not only adorn your kitchen but also elevate your tea or coffee serving experience.

Packaged in an attractive gift box, this set is ideal for weddings, holidays, and various occasions. Whether you prefer tea, coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, or espresso, these cups are versatile and made from high-quality, lead-free porcelain. While they are dishwasher safe, please note that they are not suitable for microwave use.

Elegance and Sophistication: The BTaT Classic Tea Set exudes elegance and sophistication with its royal design. Your kitchen will instantly feel more refined with this beautiful set.

Versatile Usage: These tea cups are not limited to just tea; they are perfect for serving coffee, cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, and espressos. This set caters to a variety of beverage preferences. โ˜•

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Complete 13-Piece Set: This tea set includes everything you need for a delightful tea time or coffee break โ€“ 4 cups, saucers, a roomy teapot, creamer pitcher, and sugar bowl.

Perfect Gift Option: Packaged in an attractive gift box, this tea set makes for an ideal present for weddings, holidays, and special occasions. ๐ŸŽ

High-Quality Porcelain: Crafted from fine, lead-free porcelain, this set is not only elegant but also sturdy and reliable. It can withstand regular use without losing its charm.

Dishwasher Safe: Cleaning up after your tea or coffee time is a breeze. All the components are dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort. ๐Ÿงผ

Safe Packaging: The tea set arrives in a securely packaged gift box, ensuring that it reaches you or your recipient in perfect condition.

Impressive Capacity: The 38oz teapot ensures you have plenty of servings to share with friends and family, making it perfect for gatherings.

Timeless Design: The classic white porcelain design is timeless, meaning this tea set will never go out of style. It’s a long-lasting addition to your kitchen. โŒ›


Feature Benefits
Classic Royal Design Adds elegance and sophistication to your kitchen.
Versatile Usage Suitable for various hot beverages โ€“ tea, coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, and more.
Complete 13-Piece Set Includes all essentials for a perfect tea or coffee time.
Perfect Gift Option Ideal for weddings, holidays, and special occasions.
High-Quality Porcelain Made from fine, lead-free porcelain for durability.
Dishwasher Safe Easy cleaning without the hassle of handwashing.
Safe Packaging Securely packaged in an attractive gift box.
Impressive Capacity The 38oz teapot is perfect for sharing with friends and family.
Timeless Design Classic white porcelain that never goes out of style.
Microwave Safety Not suitable for microwave use. (Important note)

The timeless design of the BTaT Classic Tea Set ensures it will always be a stylish addition to your kitchen, making it a long-lasting and elegant choice for any tea or coffee lover. โŒ›


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