BOWUTTD Espresso Machine Coffee Maker, 1.25L Coffee Machine, Cappuccino

  • PROFESSIONAL COFFEE MAKER MACHINE – The Coffee Maker is both exquisite and commonsense. Completed in brushed treated steel it has a bite the dust thrown aluminum composite heater with effective warmth leading properties. It is perfect for making a wide range of espresso, for example, cappuccinos, coffee, lattes and mokas. There’s additionally a high weight milk frother steamer and double layer treated steel channels to add to the legitimacy of your natively constructed coffees.
  • LARGE REMOVABLE WATER TANK – The water tank has an extensive 43oz and 1.25 liter limit so you can store a lot of water for some espresso. You can refill the tank in two distinctive ways. Either lift the cover and fill it utilizing a container of water, or evacuate the water tank and take it to the tap for filling. The channels are double layer and produced using treated steel which escalates the kind of the coffee.
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  • EFFICIENT and FAST – 1050W High power warmer, it sets aside less effort to get of new coffee. This espresso creator incorporates a high weight milk frother so you can foam your milk to make a scrumptious frothy latte or cappuccino.
  • QUICK AND EASY CLEANING: Permanent channel that can be evacuated and the channel holder are removable and washable.
  • ELEGANCE & FUNCIONALITY: The is an exquisite coffee machine with an articulated feeling of usefulness and structure. With an incredible 1050 watts of intensity and 15 bar weight level, it pushes high temp water through the ground espresso, releasing its full aroma.

Proficient Espresso Maker gives you a chance to enjoy outstanding espresso, coffee, cappuccino or latte fermented to an exclusive requirement without the need to pay the expanded costs at cafés and bistros.

It is intended to mix prevalent tasting espresso by constraining high weight water through ground espresso to mix and deliver an excellent full bodied espresso season.

Reasonable for the home or the office.You’ll never drink Instant Coffee Again!


  • 15 Bars Pump Pressure
  • Separable Water Filter
  • Treated Steel Boiler
  • Flexible Steam Tube
  • High-weight: 15bar
  • Limit: 43oz(1.25L)
  • Voltage: 120V – 60Hz
  • Power: 1050W

How to use

The first step

Press the power switch and espresso/steam switch, the light will show blue glimmering, the machine is warming up, 30s later,the blazing will stop, the temperature is 70-100 degree which is appropriate for making espresso.

At that point turn on the espresso switch, you will get espresso. If you don’t mind note, it can not change to steam right now, or it will spill in light of lower temperature.


Press the espresso/steam switch once more, the light will show white blazing, when the glimmering stop,the temperature is 100 degree which is appropriate for making steam.

Turn on the steam switch, you will get milk steam. If you don’t mind note, it can not change to espresso around then, or it will spill as a result of too high temperature.

After the over two steps,you can appreciate some delightful coffee coffee.

BOWUTTD Espresso Machine Coffee Maker, 1.25L Coffee Machine, Cappuccino, Latte, Moka and Espresso Maker with Milk Frothing Arm for Home and Office, 1050W, 15 Bar Pump, Silver/Stainless Steel

Additional information

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