Baskiss Single Serve Coffee Maker

-Designed to leave the littlest impression conceivable, the Baskiss single serve brewer is a little more than 8 wide, abandoning you a lot of room on your ledge without giving up a thing.

-Just embed a case, select your coveted container size, and blend an incredible tasting glass in less than a moment. Auto Off element stop naturally when blending cycle is done, for security and vitality proficiency.

-Appreciate the most prevalent container sizes. Utilize the 6 oz. glass size to accomplish the most grounded mix. Good with any single serve K-Cup packs, it offers you the choice of utilizing your most loved ground assortment for extra reserve funds.

-1 reward reusable channel is incorporated. You can mix espresso as well as different beverages, for example, tea, cocoa, or others.


Baskiss Single Serve Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine with Quick Brew Technology for Most Singer Cup Pods, 1 Reusable Solo Filter Included.


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