Electric Milk Frother for Lattes and Cappuccinos – Automatic Foam Maker with Heating and Stirring Functions

I’m thrilled with the Hommak milk frother! It quickly transforms milk into rich, creamy foam for my lattes and cappuccinos. The automatic shutoff feature is a great safety touch, and the magnetic whisk installation makes it so easy to use and clean. Perfect addition to my kitchen!

The Hommak Electric Milk Frother is perfect for anyone who enjoys café-quality beverages at home.

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Whether you’re whipping up a creamy latte, frothy cappuccino, or rich hot chocolate, this frother delivers smooth, consistent foam every time. Ideal for both hot and cold milk, it’s a great tool for elevating your morning coffee routine or impressing guests with professional-quality drinks.

The automatic shutoff feature and intuitive one-button operation make it convenient for everyday use, while the sleek design adds a touch of modern elegance to any kitchen.

Effortless Operation with One-Button Control 🕹️: The Hommak Electric Milk Frother features a user-friendly one-button operation, allowing users to easily switch between frothing and heating functions. This simple control mechanism makes it accessible for everyone, from novices to seasoned coffee enthusiasts. The LED indicator light changes color to signal different modes, ensuring you know exactly what’s happening with your frother.

Automatic Shutoff for Safety 🔒: Designed with an auto shutoff feature, this frother enhances safety by turning off automatically once the milk has reached the desired temperature. This prevents overheating and potential spills, making it a reliable choice for busy mornings or when multitasking in the kitchen.

2-in-1 Whisk for Multiple Uses 🎛️: Equipped with a 2-in-1 whisk, this frother can handle both frothing and heating tasks with ease. The milk frothing whisk transforms cold or hot milk into rich, velvety foam, perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. This dual functionality eliminates the need for multiple appliances, saving counter space and reducing kitchen clutter.

High-Quality, Non-Stick Material for Easy Cleanup 🧼: Constructed from food-grade non-stick materials, the Hommak frother is designed for hassle-free cleaning. Simply rinse the interior with water or wipe it down with a damp cloth after use. This convenience ensures that the frother remains in top condition, preventing any milk residue buildup that could lead to burning.

Magnetic Whisk Installation for Easy Handling 🧲: The magnetic whisk installation system allows users to quickly and securely attach or detach the whisk. This innovative design reduces the effort required for cleaning and maintenance, while also contributing to quieter operation compared to traditional mechanical rotors.

Quiet Operation for a Peaceful Experience 🤫: Operating at less than 65dB, this frother delivers quiet performance, ensuring that you can enjoy your beverages without disturbing others. Its low noise level is ideal for early mornings or late-night indulgences, making it a great addition to any household.

Stylish and Ergonomic Design 🏠: The streamlined and ergonomic shape of the Hommak milk frother not only ensures a comfortable grip but also adds a touch of modern sophistication to your kitchen. Its sleek black finish and contemporary design make it a stylish accessory that complements any kitchen décor.

Compact and Efficient for All Milk Types 🥛: Designed to work efficiently with both hot and cold milk, this frother accommodates a variety of beverages. From creamy lattes to frothy cappuccinos, it ensures perfect results every time. Its compact size makes it easy to store, while still being powerful enough to meet all your frothing needs.

Feature Specification
Operation One-button control with LED indicator
Safety Features Auto shutoff; magnetic whisk installation
Material Food-grade non-stick materials
Noise Level Less than 65dB
Whisk Type 2-in-1 frothing and heating whisk
Cleaning Rinse with water or wipe with a damp cloth
Design Ergonomic handle; streamlined and stylish
Power Source Electric (no batteries required)



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