ACACO Exagrind – Elevate Your Coffee Game with Precision and Portability

The WACACO Exagrind is your ultimate companion for crafting the perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. This manual coffee grinder is not just a coffee tool; it’s a precision instrument designed to elevate your coffee experience. With its unique precision-cut 38mm stainless-steel conical burrs, it offers a smooth grinding process and exceptional grind quality.

The micro clicks adjustment with 60 clicks range and 33-micron adjustment per click allows you to find the ideal grind size for any brewing method, from espresso to pour-over to cold-brew. Its aluminum unibody frame and internal structure are meticulously machine-milled for precise burrs alignment, ensuring uniformity in every grind.

The stainless-steel center shaft with dual bearings minimizes friction during grinding, and the silicone sleeve on the grinder body ensures a comfortable grip. Compact, solid, and travel-friendly, the Exagrind stands at just 14.3 cm (5.6 in) tall, making it a go-to choice for those who appreciate quality coffee on the go. Elevate your coffee game with the WACACO Exagrind.

Precision at Its Best: The WACACO Exagrind takes precision seriously. Its unique 38mm stainless-steel conical burrs are meticulously designed to provide a smooth and consistent grind, ensuring that your coffee is of the highest quality every time.

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🌟 Premium Grinding Quality: This manual coffee grinder is built with an aluminum unibody frame and internal structure that are machine-milled to an extremely low tolerance. This results in perfectly aligned burrs and minimal clearance, delivering an exceptional level of grind uniformity for a well-balanced coffee flavor.

⚙️ Micro Clicks Adjustment: The Exagrind’s 60 clicks range with a 33-micron adjustment per click allows you to easily dial in the perfect grind size for any brewing method. Whether you prefer espresso, pour-over, or cold-brew, this grinder has you covered.

🎡 Effortless Grinding: Grinding your coffee beans should be a breeze, and that’s precisely what the Exagrind offers. Its stainless-steel center shaft with dual bearings ensures minimal friction, making your grinding experience smooth and easy, even on the finest coffee settings.

🌆 Compact and Portable: At just 14.3 cm (5.6 in) tall, the Exagrind is a space-saving wonder. It can grind up to 20 grams of coffee and features a handle that can be conveniently stowed away for travel, reducing the overall product size. Take your love for great coffee wherever you go.

👌 Ergonomic Design: The Exagrind is designed for comfort. Its grinder body is covered with a silicone sleeve that provides a better grip, making the grinding process a pleasure rather than a chore.

🌍 Versatile Companion: Whether you’re a home barista or a coffee lover on the move, the Exagrind is your versatile companion. It caters to various brewing methods, allowing you to have your favorite coffee just the way you like it.

🛠️ Built to Last: The Exagrind’s robust construction and high-quality materials ensure that it’s built to last. This means you can enjoy perfect coffee for a long time to come without worrying about wear and tear.

💰 Budget-Friendly Quality: The WACACO Exagrind offers a high-quality coffee grinding experience without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect choice for those who demand precision and excellence in their coffee, all within a budget-friendly package.


Feature Description
Precision Grinding 38mm stainless-steel conical burrs
Premium Quality Aluminum unibody frame with precise alignment
Micro Clicks Adjustment 60 clicks range, 33-micron per click
Effortless Grinding Stainless-steel center shaft with dual bearings
Compact and Portable 14.3 cm (5.6 in) tall, travel-friendly handle
Ergonomic Design Silicone sleeve for a comfortable grip
Versatile Companion Suitable for various brewing methods
Built to Last Robust construction and high-quality materials
Budget-Friendly Quality Precision coffee grinding at an affordable price

The standout feature of the WACACO Exagrind is its “Micro Clicks Adjustment.” With 60 clicks in its range and a 33-micron adjustment per click, it allows users to achieve the perfect grind size for their specific brewing method. Whether you’re an espresso aficionado or prefer a smooth pour-over, this level of precision ensures that your coffee is consistently exceptional. This feature makes the Exagrind the top choice for coffee enthusiasts who demand exacting control over their coffee grind.


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