58mm Magnetic Aluminum Dosing Funnel – Espresso Essential for Precise Coffee Brewing

Perfectly designed to fit 58mm portafilters, this dosing funnel is an indispensable tool for coffee enthusiasts seeking precision in their brewing rituals. Crafted with high-quality anodized aluminum, the funnel boasts 8 magnetic points, ensuring stable placement on your coffee machine without the worry of it falling or shifting.

The sleek and lightweight design, coupled with high-temperature resistance, makes it a durable and safe addition to your coffee accessories. Quickly and effortlessly replace the funnel as you dose your coffee, minimizing wastage and allowing your grinds to seamlessly flow into the portafilter.

Utilizing the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT), this dosing funnel ensures that your coffee grinds are perfectly distributed, resulting in a consistent and flavorful espresso.

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Perfect Fit for 58mm Portafilters: The 58mm Magnetic Aluminum Dosing Funnel is meticulously crafted to perfectly fit 58mm coffee machine portafilter baskets. This ensures a snug and secure fit, allowing users to dose their coffee with precision, whether for home or professional use.

🧲 Strong 8 Magnetic Points: With 8 magnetic points, this dosing funnel provides stability and security on your coffee machine. The anodized aluminum ring is magnetized to prevent accidental falls or movements during the dosing process, providing a seamless and worry-free coffee brewing experience.

🔥 High-Quality Aluminum Alloy: Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the dosing funnel is an FDA-grade material, guaranteeing safety and durability. Its simple and lightweight design, coupled with high-temperature resistance, ensures longevity and ease of use in any coffee setup.

🔄 Quick and Easy Replacement: The user-friendly design allows for quick and easy replacement of the dosing funnel. Espresso enthusiasts can effortlessly switch between different coffee blends or experiment with various grind sizes, all while minimizing wastage and maintaining a clean coffee station.

♻️ Minimal Wastage Design: The sleek design of the dosing funnel is engineered to minimize wastage during the dosing process. As coffee enthusiasts dose their grounds, the funnel ensures a seamless flow into the portafilter, leaving behind minimal residue and maximizing the use of coffee grinds.

🌈 Variety of Compatible Machines: The 58mm Magnetic Aluminum Dosing Funnel is versatile and compatible with a wide range of coffee machines featuring 58mm portafilters. Whether you own a home espresso machine or operate a professional coffee setup, this dosing funnel seamlessly integrates into your brewing routine.

🌐 Global Safety Standards: Crafted with precision and adherence to FDA-grade material standards, this dosing funnel meets global safety requirements. Coffee lovers can trust in the quality and safety of the product, ensuring a reliable and worry-free addition to their coffee accessories.

🌬️ Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT): Elevate your coffee brewing with the innovative Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT). This dosing funnel utilizes WDT to ensure that coffee grinds are evenly distributed, preventing clumps and promoting a consistent extraction for a rich and flavorful espresso.

🚫 Prevents Unnecessary Spilling: The Weiss Distribution Technique not only enhances distribution but also prevents unnecessary spilling of coffee grounds. This dosing funnel is designed to keep your coffee station clean and tidy, allowing for a hassle-free and enjoyable brewing experience.

Feature Details
Portafilter Compatibility 58mm
Magnetic Points 8
Material Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Safety Standards FDA Grade
Temperature Resistance High
Design Sleek and Lightweight
Replacement Quick and Easy
Compatibility Versatile, Fits Various 58mm Portafilter Machines
Distribution Technique Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT)

Invest in the 58mm Magnetic Aluminum Dosing Funnel for a coffee brewing experience that combines precision, durability, and innovation. The perfect fit for 58mm portafilters, 8 magnetic points for stability, and high-quality aluminum alloy construction make it an essential tool for every espresso enthusiast.

The quick and easy replacement feature, minimal wastage design, and compatibility with a variety of machines ensure a seamless and efficient dosing process.

Crafted with global safety standards in mind and incorporating the Weiss Distribution Technique, this dosing funnel not only prevents unnecessary spilling but also promotes even distribution for a consistently rich and flavorful espresso.


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