51mm Naked Portafilter DeLonghi, Cuisinart, Capresso

NRP 51mm Naked Portafilter Rosewood Deal with Replaces for Family Espresso Machines | DeLonghi, Cuisinart, Capresso, Krups (partial fashions)

  • NRP Alternative Naked Portafilter; 3 Ears Designed Deal with included One in every of 2-shot Filter Basket (51mm Diameter)
  • Nice for observing the main points of constructing 1-2 shot of espresso. The Filter Basket is Unpressurized


  • It’s going to offer you fast suggestions and may see if channeling happens instantly. Extracting instantly from basket to cup leaves extra crema intact.
  • The great texture of Rosewood deal with can adorning your espresso machine. All handles are product of 100% pure Rosewood (crimson wooden), and the colour could range.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Verify along with your outdated portafilter’s dimension earlier than place order. Ensure that your Espresso Machine is utilizing the three ears deal with, and the filter basket is 51mm by diameter! (ONLY can use with partial fashions of the family espresso fashions)


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