51mm Espresso Dosing Funnel – The Perfect Barista’s Companion

Introducing the 51mm Espresso Dosing Funnel, a game-changer for coffee enthusiasts and baristas. This innovative accessory is designed to make your coffee-making experience smoother and more precise. It fits snugly on a 51mm portafilter, ensuring that no coffee grounds go to waste. You can now easily tamp your espresso with the dosing funnel attached, thanks to its clever design.

But that’s not all; this funnel’s magnetic feature keeps it securely in place, and its sloped edge prevents coffee grounds from spilling. Discover the convenience of this must-have tool and take your coffee brewing to the next level.

☕ No More Wasted Grounds: With the outer ring design, the 51mm Espresso Dosing Funnel sits securely in place, preventing coffee grounds from escaping the portafilter.

⏱ Time-Saving Tamping: Tamp your espresso while the funnel is attached, saving you valuable time and ensuring a consistent brew.

🌟 Mess-Free Operation: The sloped edge ensures that every grind ends up in the filter, reducing mess and waste.

💪 Strong Magnetic Hold: The powerful magnet keeps the funnel firmly in place during use, yet it’s easy to remove when you’re done.

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💼 Lightweight and Durable: This dosing ring is built to last and is lightweight, making it a practical addition to your coffee-making routine.

🎯 Precise Brewing: Achieve a consistent and even tamp every time, resulting in a perfect shot of espresso.

🚀 Barista-Approved: Trusted by baristas and coffee aficionados for its ease of use and effective design.

🌞 Versatile Design: Compatible with 51mm portafilters, this dosing funnel suits a wide range of espresso machines.

🥇 Elevate Your Coffee Game: The best feature to buy this product is its ability to enhance your coffee brewing process, ensuring every shot is a work of art.


Feature Description
Outer Ring Design Secures the funnel in place on the portafilter, preventing ground spillage.
Tamping with Funnel Conveniently tamp your espresso without removing the funnel.
Grounds Containment Sloped edge keeps coffee grounds within the filter, reducing mess.
Magnetic Design Strong magnet for secure attachment and easy removal.
Easy to Use Lightweight, durable, and easy to incorporate into your routine.

The best feature to buy this product is its ability to enhance your coffee brewing process, ensuring every shot is a work of art. Say goodbye to wasted grounds and hello to perfectly tamped, mess-free espresso.


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