3-in-1 Coffee/Espresso Maker Bundle – Ultimate Brewing Versatility with 19-Bar Pump and 1-Year Extended Protection

The coffee lover’s dream! The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 3-in-1 has transformed my morning routine. From espresso shots to full-bodied coffee, it does it all.

The 19-bar pump ensures a rich crema, and with the convenience of multiple brewing options, it’s the only coffee maker you need. Plus, the added protection plan gives me peace of mind. A true game-changer for any coffee enthusiast!

Experience coffee versatility like never before with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 3-in-1 Coffee/Espresso Maker. Whether you crave the boldness of espresso capsules, the convenience of pods, or the traditional charm of ground coffee, this machine delivers it all.

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The 19-bar pump guarantees a rich crema, while the spacious 56oz reservoir allows for multiple brews without constant refilling. From quick espresso shots to leisurely cups of coffee, the FlexBrew is the ultimate companion for coffee lovers seeking variety and quality.

β˜• Brewing Versatility: The FlexBrew 3-in-1 is a coffee chameleon, accommodating espresso capsules, pods, or ground coffee. Enjoy the freedom to choose your brew style, from a quick espresso shot to a full 8oz cup of coffee, all in just 1 minute.

πŸ”„ Multiple Brewing Options: With the FlexBrew, every coffee preference is covered. Whether you’re a pod enthusiast, a capsule connoisseur, or a ground coffee purist, this machine caters to your taste. The flexibility to switch between brewing options adds a new dimension to your coffee experience.

πŸ’§ Spacious 56oz Reservoir: No more constant refilling. The generous 56oz reservoir ensures that you can enjoy multiple brews without the hassle of adding water each time. It’s the perfect companion for entertaining guests or for those mornings when one cup just isn’t enough.

πŸš€ 19-Bar Espresso Pump: Elevate your espresso experience with the powerful 19-bar pump. This feature guarantees a rich crema, the golden layer that crowns a perfectly brewed espresso. Experience cafe-quality espresso from the comfort of your home.

🎁 Bundle Bonus: When you choose the FlexBrew, you’re not just getting a coffee makerβ€”you’re getting a bundle of joy. The package includes the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 3-in-1 Coffee/Espresso Maker with a 19-bar pump, ensuring you have everything you need for a premium coffee experience.

πŸ›‘οΈ Extended Protection Plan: Enjoy peace of mind with the included 1-Year Extended Protection Plan. Hamilton Beach USA Authorized, this plan adds an extra layer of security to your purchase. Experience worry-free brewing with the assurance that your investment is protected.

🌐 Hamilton Beach Authorized: Trust in the brand that stands behind its products. Being Hamilton Beach USA Authorized ensures that you’re getting a genuine product with the quality and durability that the brand is renowned for.

Feature Specification
Brewing Options Espresso Capsules, Pods, Ground Coffee
Brew Time 1 Minute
Reservoir Capacity 56oz
Pump Type 19-Bar
Protection Plan 1-Year Extended Protection Plan (Hamilton Beach USA Authorized)
Bundle Inclusions FlexBrew 3-in-1 Coffee/Espresso Maker with 19-Bar Pump

Transform your coffee experience with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 3-in-1 Coffee/Espresso Maker. From its brewing versatility to the added protection plan, it’s the ultimate choice for those who demand quality, variety, and peace of mind in every cup. Indulge in the perfect brews, tailored to your taste, with the FlexBrew.


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