2000g Grain Mill Electric Spice Nut and Coffee Grinder – Powerful 4000W Stainless Steel Powder Machine for Herbs, Corn, Sesame, Soybean, Pepper, Bait Feed

A Powerhouse in Grinding! The 2000g Grain Mill Electric Spice Nut and Coffee Grinder have transformed my kitchen experience. This powerhouse of a machine handles everything from grains to coffee beans with precision and speed.

The robust stainless steel build ensures durability, and the versatility of materials it can process makes it a must-have for every kitchen. It’s not just a grinder; it’s a game-changer for home cooks, bakers, and anyone who appreciates efficiency in the kitchen!

Unleash the grinding potential with the 2000g Grain Mill Electric Spice Nut and Coffee Grinder. This mighty machine is a kitchen essential for those who demand efficiency and quality in every grind. With a robust 4000W motor and a stainless steel build, it tackles herbs, grains, coffee beans, and more with ease.14

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Whether you’re a home chef, baker, or someone experimenting with homemade spices and gluten-free flour, this grinder is your go-to companion. From a coarse grain to a fine powder, it transforms your ingredients with precision and speed.

🌪️ Powerful Grinding Capacity: The 2000g Grain Mill boasts an impressive grinding capacity of 70 cups or 2000g/4.4lb. The 4000W motor operates at a speedy 25000(r/min), ensuring a quick and efficient grinding process. Set the timer for your desired fineness, from 50 to 300 mesh.

🛠️ High-Quality Stainless Steel Build: Crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel, this grinder is thick, hard, and durable. The metal motor blade ensures wear resistance, providing stability and safety for prolonged use. Say goodbye to processing pollution and hello to a reliable kitchen companion.

🌐 Versatile Material Application: From home kitchens to farms, this electric mill adapts to various environments. Make Gluten-Free flour, spices, medicine powder, or crush dry foods like cassava, coffee beans, nuts, and more. It’s a versatile powerhouse for every culinary enthusiast.

🚀 Efficiency Redefined: The top cover design enhances the crushing efficiency of this commercial grain grinder. Weighing less than 20 pounds, it’s easy to handle, and the smooth inner wall and cylinder design make pouring out grain powder a breeze. Efficient, practical, and easy to clean.

⚖️ Safety First: Equipped with a voltage overload protector, overload air valve, and one-button recovery, safety is a priority. No additional fuse required. The sparks that may occur during use are normal and pose no concern. Trust in the food-grade stainless steel construction for a worry-free grinding experience.

Feature Specification
Grinding Capacity 70 Cups, 2000g/4.4lb
Working Voltage 110V
Motor Speed 25000(r/min)
Rated Power 550W
Load Power 4100W
Fineness 50-300 mesh
Working Time 5 minutes
Interval Time 10 minutes
Material Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel
Application Home Kitchens, Pharmacies, Farms, Food Processing
Safety Features Voltage Overload Protector, Overload Air Valve


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