140ml Cup Portable Semi-automatic Piston Espresso Machine

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140ml Cup Portable Semi-automatic Piston Espresso Machine Press Coffee Maker Hand Operate Travel Detachable Design Food Grade PP. 
Bundle Included:

1 x Portable Espresso Machine

1 x Manual

140ml Cup Portable Semi-automatic Piston Espresso Machine Best Price Review


● Easy to utilize, self-loader cylinder for simple activity with straightforward advances

● Hand Operated, no need of batteries, electric power or vitality source

● Travel Design, you can make espresso at whatever point and wherever you like

● Detachable structure, advantageous for cleaning and supplant segments

● Made of astounding nourishment review PP, guarantee long-life utilize and security


  • – Type: Espresso Machine
  • – Operation Source: Hand Operated
  • – Supply Type: Pump
  • – Material: PP
  • – Color: Black
  • – Length: 196mm
  • – Diameter: 60mm
  • – Piston Length: 3cm
  • – Capacity of water container: 140ml
  • – Capacity of ground espresso: 10g
  • – Capacity of espresso mug: 70ml
  • – Pressure: 8 Bar/116 PSI
  • – Suitable: Home, Office, Lounge, Outdoors


  • 1. Unclips the container, unscrew the outlet head and after that expel the channel crate
  • 2. Unscrew the water tank and expel the scoop
  • 3. Fill the scoop with ground espresso and move the powder into the channel crate
  • 4. Set back the channel crate on the principle body and tidy up the edges of channel
  • 5. Include water into the water tank and screw firmly to the principle body
  • 6. Open the cylinder by pivoting to one side and begin pumping


  • Press 13 times: Ristretto
  • Press 18 times: Espresso
  • Press 28 times: Double Espresso
  • Water+Espresso=Americano
  • Milk+Espresso=Latte
  • Milk+Choclates+Espresso=Mocha


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Coffee Maker

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1 cup




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